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Escape From The Routine

Dinner in the Desert

Desert Cookout Experts

Spectacular Views with Delicious Food

If you’ve decided to host a special dinner, the two most important elements are the food and the venue. Maybe you’re pulling together an event for a family reunion, or maybe you want to treat your sales team after an amazing quarter. Whatever reason you have for wanting to treat these people to an amazing meal, you want it to be unique and memorable! How does a dinner in the desert sound?

We’ve all experienced the stuffy hotel meeting rooms for conference dinners. And let’s not forget the totally bland work holiday dinners in a local restaurant dining room. Those are easy, safe choices but they won’t stand out in terms of a fresh take on a group dinner.

Your guests deserve something special, something new, something delicious. It can be hard to think outside the box, but Stellar Catering has the perfect solution for your unique event. That’s why we created our Dinner in the Desert—a totally unique addition to the Phoenix dining and catering scene!

Escape from the routine, boring venues and go for something a little more off the beaten path. The Stellar Catering Event Managers will work with you to figure out the date, time, and menu for your event. Stellar Catering has amazing catering menus and tempting bar menus to add to your experience. Once you’ve made those decisions, the hard part is over—time to relax and be a guest at your own dinner!

Our team will pick your group up at a designated meeting place and transport you to a scenic area of the idyllic Sonoran Desert. Everything will be set up and ready when you arrive, so there won’t be any awkward down-time!

Stellar Bar Service Phoenix Arizona

Your Desert Bartender

Our bartenders will provide libations while your guests mingle and take in the scenery. Meanwhile, our world-class chefs will prepare your five-star dinner over an open fire. Enjoy the sunset as you are seated, and feast under the stars in a rustic yet elegant atmosphere. The desert in Arizona provides the perfect backdrop for your unforgettable al fresco experience! Enjoy your meal and gaze up at the stars. And don’t be afraid to have more than one round—our team will get you back to the meeting point safely.

Dinner in the Desert for Small or Large Groups

At Stellar Catering, we are very proud of our ability and willingness to accommodate parties of all sizes. From small, intimate gatherings of 10 people to bigger celebrations with 200 people, we will make it work! When you’re deep in the picture-perfect Sonoran Desert, surrounded by people you like, you’ll be so glad that you booked with Stellar Catering.

Please contact us today to find out how we can accommodate your group!

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Dinner in the Desert Phoenix Arizona by Stellar Catering - Hightop Tables

The Dinner in the Desert from Stellar Catering is one our most popular offerings, and for good reason! Whether you are organizing a wedding reception, anniversary party, corporate gathering, birthday, or bachelor outing, it’s ideal for any occasion. Bachelor parties in particular have enjoyed doing a daytime activity with Stellar Adventures, and then filling up on delicious food and beverages with the Dinner in the Desert before heading home.