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Food Brings People Together

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Corporate Catering to Special Events

Since Stellar Adventures began in 1997, we’ve made a name for ourselves because of our commitment to excellence. That means not only exceeding expectations in our bread-and-butter off-roading gigs, but also our literal bread and butter. We’re talking about our catering services.

Imagine picking up the phone and talking with a friendly Stellar Catering representative. She listens to what you want, understands your ideas, and makes great suggestions. Then Stellar Catering follows through by showing up on time, preparing amazing and delicious food, and providing out-of-this-world service. And we clean up. What’s not to love? When it comes to catering in Phoenix, no one comes close in terms of food freshness, killer service, and jaw-dropping presentation.

Our “One Call to Handle it All” motto speaks to our willingness to keep things simple for our customers. When you call Stellar Catering, you’ll speak to a professional event manager who will work with you to make your vision a reality. You might want to use a hands-off approach and select an existing menu. Or, you may want to have a little more say, and prepare a custom menu. Whatever you desire, we aim to be flexible and accommodating.

Stellar Catering isn’t going to skimp on the good stuff, either. Our meals include ample portions of high-quality, fresh food. You’ll be able to satisfy even the pickiest eaters!

Stellar Catering in Phoenix - Four Peaks Special Event

Any Event, Anywhere

Our experience has allowed us to master the challenges of catering, and we can cook circles around the other guys. We have prepared specialized catering for every type of event. That includes grand openings, retreats, weddings, school functions, company outings, and more! A lot of these events might be incomplete without bar services. We’ve got you covered on those, too.

If your venue isn’t yet determined, we encourage you to check out our Dinner in the Desert offering. It’s a can’t-miss opportunity to dine with the beautiful scenery of the desert as your background!

Catering for 2 or 2,000?

Don’t let our crazy-reasonable prices fool you. This is not an amateur production! We’ve got an amazing full-service commercial kitchen with state-of-the-art culinary equipment. Oh yeah, and we’ve also got the talent who knows how to use it! Our talent roster is deep. We’ve got chefs who can come to your home and prepare a personal romantic meal for two. Or think a little bigger—we can prepare and present a buffet for a bigger group at your house. You know what? Think a lot bigger—let us help feed an event with 2,000 attendees! No group is too large or too small.

Feeding so many people can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re committed to field your call and help plan and develop your menu. We want you to feel confident that you’re putting your best foot—and our best food—forward. If you can describe your vision, estimate your budget, and give us a head count, our event managers can expertly guide you through designing the perfect menu. We are happiest when you’re happy, and we’re committed to working tirelessly to ensure your satisfaction!

Let's Plan Your Event Together

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Catering in Phoenix Stellar - Tortillas Grilled Chicken

We’ve all had the bland catering experiences at work functions or weddings. What a missed opportunity! Food brings people together, so don’t gamble by doing it yourself. If you’re seeking services for catering in Phoenix, just look to our name. The promise of a “Stellar” experience is something we take so seriously that we’ve named our company after it!

One call to handle it all—contact Stellar Catering to help you plan and execute your next event.