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It’s no secret that a lot goes into planning an event. Managing all of those details can be stressful! You’ve figured out the venue, the food (provided by Stellar Catering, obviously), and the guest list. But then there’s the bar… What a headache. How much booze do you order? You don’t want to kill the party by running out of beer. Once you stock your liquor cabinet and get everything set up, who will actually make the drinks? When you’re hosting an event and you don’t have a bartender, you’ll probably become the default bar person, running from guest to guest to top off wine glasses and bring fresh beverages.

Let’s be honest: Being a host has its perks, but being the on-call bartender is not one of them. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could be a guest at your event? Yeah, we think so too.

That’s what inspired us to develop our mobile bar program. When it comes to bar services in Phoenix, Stellar Catering is the way to go! No matter what your event entails, we can help create a memorable experience for you and for your guests. We always provide exceptional service and pay meticulous attention to detail. What’s more, our professional bartenders are responsible and experienced, so you’re in the best of hands!

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Whether you’re planning something for the holidays, graduation, a school function, wedding, bridal shower, or something else entirely, we have what you need to take your event to the next level! And if you think your guests might need a little something to help soak up the libations, check out our world-class catering services.

Bar Services Packages

There is no shortage of options when it comes to mobile bar services in Phoenix. When you book with Stellar Catering, we offer a personal touch by modifying our packages to fulfill your vision. You can select a package and we’ll be there on time, ready to impress your guests with top-notch service. If you need a little guidance, we can help you put together a show-stopping cocktail menu that people will talk about long after the event ends! Best of all, we remove the hassles that come with setting up the bar, cleaning, serving, and closing up.

A good bartender is a critical asset for a successful get-together, but a bad bartender can kill the vibe at a party. Don’t make the mistake of trying to do it yourself, or calling in someone who “bartended in college.” Leave it to the pros!

Speaking of pros… Our event managers are great at helping figure out what you will need for your event, and can make helpful suggestions along the way. Whatever your vibe is, we’re here to accommodate!

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The bottom line is pretty simple, really. We know how much work it can be to pull off a big get-together. From basic packages to personalized beverage planning, we strive to make your event planning easier. If you want to host an event for any occasion and know that a first-rate bar would enhance your guests’ experience, Stellar Catering is the obvious choice! Be a guest at your own event—we guarantee you won’t regret it. Contact us today and let’s get this party started!