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Full Service Catering from Corporate to Special Events

Stellar Catering Phoenix - Halibut & Filet

Stellar Catering

at Your Service

We’ve all had the bland catering experiences at work functions or weddings. What a missed opportunity! Food brings people together, so don’t gamble by doing it yourself. If you’re seeking services for catering in Phoenix, just look to our name. The promise of a “Stellar” experience is something we take so seriously that we’ve named our company after it! One call to handle it all—contact Stellar Catering to help you plan and execute your next event!

What Makes Us Different?

Our Signature Services Ensure An Amazing Experience

Your guests deserve something special, something new, something delicious. It can be hard to think outside the box, but Stellar Catering has the perfect solution for your unique event. That’s why we created our Dinner in the Desert—a totally unique addition to the Phoenix dining and catering scene!

A good bartender is a critical asset for a successful get-together, but a bad bartender can kill the vibe at a party. Don’t make the mistake of trying to do it yourself, or calling in someone who “bartended in college.” Leave it to the pros! When it comes to bar services in Phoenix, Stellar is the way to go!

Mobile Smoker

Stellar Catering is excited to offer a truly unique cooking experience with our Mobile Smoker. Your guests will be salivating as our grill master cooks up your feast! If you can imagine it, we can create it for you!

Corporate Catering & Special Events

Feeding so many people can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re committed to field your call and help plan and develop your menu. We want you to feel confident that you’re putting your best foot—and our best food—forward.


Take your board meeting or corporate event to the next level with tempting tastes to please everyone's palette.


Not sure where to start with the biggest celebration of your life? Check off the wedding food - we have you covered.


We know, it's only once a year, but it just seems to show up out of the blue. Relax, we have the perfect recipe to make you the star of the festivities.


Whatever the occasion, number of guests, dietary requirements, or wild ideas you have, we can make it come true.

One Call to Handle it All

Why Choose Stellar Catering?

Event Planning Made Easy

“One Call to Handle it All”—that’s the motto at Stellar Catering. After 17 years in business we’ve perfected our craft and conquered many of the challenging aspects of catering. We specialize in catering for companies of every shape and events of every size. 

Our Expert Knowledge

Experience Matters

With our full-service commercial kitchen, equipment, and know-how, our clients can relax and enjoy their event, knowing they’re in good hands when we’re in the kitchen. Whether you need a personal chef for 2, someone to prepare and present a buffet for 20 at your home, or a kitchen quarterback and team for an event with 500 attendees, Stellar Catering can serve or drop off a culinary feast that will make you positive you choose the best.